Hey All

Thanks for Stopping by and reading this blog! 
I’m Mark from little New Zealand! this blog is the Inception
This is why the blog is called Excess2Success, starting from where I think I am, Employee – to where I will be a Business success! hopefully not just with one company but many!
I have been meaning for a few months now to start a blog on my Trials and Tribulations at trying to grab my dreams in the realm of business! You see I AM a creator, its been proven at work we all took a test that was meant to establish your working character so that we could all be better aligned with what we enjoy doing. The results for me was Creativity was the highest 40 odd percent, productivity a measly 4 percent  – don’t get me wrong I was very productive just in a different way, this way was later the new way that everybody followed.
Enough about work!
This blog is about my trials and tribulations in the realm of business! you see I have an excessive drive to create and develop my ideas! I have a long list on my Ipod of my dreams that have been validated or are waiting until i meet the right contacts to speak these ideas into fruition.
This blogs first Idea that is going through the works is in regards to Video Identification! 
– Idea thought up on a Cruise ship in New Caledonia 
Once back in NZ I used what I had thought up and approached a (contract) developer at my work, I had talked to him many times before – up with technology, knows what he wants and most of all we definitely get along!  
The Coffee
We managed to get out of work at lunch and went for a chat about this idea, within 10 minuets ( I don’t even think it was that long) we had gone from an product idea with little commercial viability to an product idea that could possibly change the way people do this task for the better. We agreed to have weekly meetings and assigned tasks that we needed to have done, even with full time jobs we always found time to get the business done so to speak haha.
1 month passed, We had developed the product idea MORE and we had gotten to the point where we need capital….
I’ll leave it there for the first post! if you find this interesting please keep coming back, I’ll be aiming to update this blog a couple times a week! at worst once a week! 

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