Lay ONE Brick at a Time

There is a story that Will Smith tells of his childhood about the wall. One summer Wills father tore down a brick wall in the front of his business and told 12 year old Will and his 9 year old brother to rebuild it, a job they said was IMPOSSIBLE! it took them a year and a half but they did it, his Father said now don’t you ever tell me there’s something you cant do.
Will Smith says ” you don’t try to build a wall, you don’t set out to build a wall you don’t say I’m going to build the biggest baddest wall that has ever been built, you don’t start there. You say I’m going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid. You do that everyday single day and soon you have a wall!”
How does the above story relate to Business? Well being able to pull the BIG picture apart into manageable pieces is exactly where I am currently. I have this product idea for video Identification that has been thought up, I can see the finished product in my head BUT how do I get there?
Like Will Smith I have to lay my bricks, I have been laying bricks and building this product since November 2011. Breaking the tasks at hand into manageable pieces and attacking them until completion.
The other week I said enough is enough, the project had hit a wall and there was little movement in any direction – the problem capital. We had realised that there needed to be help from the outside as this is all new technology that needs to be built very capital intensive. After approaching some seed investment companies, I received a prompt email from one of the companies I approached. They wanted to know more about the product, how it works, how it will generate revenue etc. I replied with a big word document for filling their questions within the next couple of hours, then the wait began…
A few days later i was meet with a reply! surprisingly it was not a what I expected, it was a very good email. And so I continue to bring the product into fruition through laying each brick at a time.. soon I’ll have my WALL.
I hope you get something out of this blog today! if you haven’t reached your dream yet keep going and give 100% at everything you do and soon you will have your wall too!

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