Motionless Week!

Hey guys it has been just over a week since I have posted on the blog. I have had one hard week! I found out a few things that threw me into the deep waters which I thought I would never return. However I have with the help of my partner Emma and WE are back stronger than before!
Sometimes the things we say to ourselves in our mind can be the thing that determines if you go forward, stagnate or worse go backwards! And we all know in life we want to go forward! Well last week I was stuck in a stagnant position. Like I said in my very first blog, this blog is all about my Trial and Tribulations that I go through so the YOU the readers can learn from me! Coming from nothing to being a success is the only goal that matters!
So the week that was! I was doing some research in regards to other products that are “up and comers” and product that could or are the competition to the product that I have created. I stumbled across one that I thought was it! all the way from silicon valley with some big players behind it. You can imagine this made me feel down as your product is your baby.
The whole week I was wrapped up thinking about this product and NOT my own, I was stuck. Everything I thought or had a conversation about was negatively worded, and un productive. I was constantly having and emotional connection with this other product and my emotions got the better of me. My partner Emma took me back to step one! Focus on what you are doing and not what others are doing! This product may sound similar but is different, stop thinking about it!
Research and Market validation is great, But DO NOT hang up on what you find! See it for what it is and see where you differ and that is your competitive advantage!
This week is when we will make it happen I have refocused and we have our plan of attack and we won’t stop until we have reached it. Treading new water everyday to make it happen.
Accept the challenge starting a business is not easy! Especially if you are on your own! Find the people who can help you and ask for help, do not be afraid to put yourself out there start walking the talk and get your business started.
4 Steps to help not get to the stagnant place I was;
1.       Have your goal in mind and write down what it is
2.       Plan backwards on what you want to do
3.       Take baby steps everyday! And Trust the process
4.       Everybody is only interested in what THEY are doing so mind YOUR own business
Approach every opportunity like it the BIG one! When you stick 120% into what you do good things happen! Never ever put a mediocre effort into ANYTHING you do!
Can you Invest your time and effort in what you want to achieve at 120% all the time?
Plan Big
Invest Big
Get the Opportunity “Show up”
Get what you have dreamt
So what does mean for myself! Yea I have hit a wall! But I am better for it! Life is funny how you always learn the lesson after the fact, Learn and keep moving forward
Would you guys like to know anything? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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