Six degrees of separation – The power of Networking

Hey guys! Another week, another LEAP in performance! This weeks Blog is all about the power of networking!
We have moved on from the motionless week, we have perfected SMALL, The big picture is now a jiggzaw puzzle and we are taking ACTION, putting the small pieces together to get to our “Big Picture”
Who you spend time with influences the person you eventually become. Who you are with can elevate you as much as it can bring you down.
Networking is one of the best things you can do with what ever you are trying to accomplish in life weather it be a;
  • Business idea
  • Finding a job
  • Making your athletic goals come true
  • Etc
Get out there and actively search for the people who are doing what you want to be doing! Because the fastest way to start doing something you don’t think can be done, is to start hanging out with people already doing it.
I have wanted to meet new people with the same interests in business and life as I have for the last couple of months. As an extrovert I thought I would just magically bump into someone by chance, however this did not happen. So taking initiative I done a simple Google search and found www.Meetup.comthis website is awesome, within a couple of minuets I had RSVP to meetings in my area and even to a Tech Founder Blast Talk 2012! This event is going to have 5-6 speakers from “lean start-ups” to full fledge million dollar companies. Being where people are that are doing what I am trying to achieve is where I need to be!
There is nothing better than getting your idea out in the open and being accountable for it! I have done this and I feel like I have MOMENTUM, all the work I put in everyday is keeping me going! Even if it is just a little bit it is more than doing nothing at all – think of it like compounding interest!
So what’s STOPPING YOU? Go out into the world and SEEK that you want, nobody is going to give it to you! If you could get what you want handed to you without any work, every supermarket would be selling SUCCESS however that is not the case!
  • Small puzzle pieces
  • Do everything 120% or 200%
  • SEEK what you want in life
  • ASK for help
  • And ENJOY the process!
Do the above and you will get the opportunities that you have never had before.. BUT make sure when you have this opportunity in front of you make sure you TAKE IT and seize the moment!
ALSO Check out the EyeGratify App Landing Page! If you have anything to comment about leave a comment! I would LOVE feedback!

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