Success demands that you take risk!

“If you keep doing what you have always done you will keep getting what you’ve always gotten, do hear what I’m saying you gotta do something different if you want to get something different.” Eric Thomas
To get ahead we have to step out into the deep, yea we have to take risks BUT make sure they are calculated risks  – This means that you have done your due diligencein reference to the risk you are willing to take, minimizing risk is one of the best ways to get what you are striving to achieve. But to achieve success you have to take some sort of risk along your journey, doing so may change the destination *where you would reassess the situation*, or it may deliver you to your goal
Last week, I attended the Hackers and Founders Tech talk 2012, WOW is all I can say! The environment was full of ideas and questions about what each other was doing. This talk lived up to what I expected;
  • Coming along to an event where there was mostly developers was like travelling to a foreign country with no guide book!
  • Only knowing so much in Developer talk I done my best to pitch our product to a few people, I was looking for advice and or key contacts.
  • Made some great mates and had a good time! (What I went for)
As the Tech talk began and several speakers had finished their speeches, like a sponge I was listening and absorbing as much good quality content as I could. There were some very colourful, funny and really dramatic speeches from the guest speakers! I’m glad Guy Horrocks from Carnival Labs was the last to do a sort of freestyle speech at the end! It gave me the boost to say, you can make it with a quality a quality idea  – they had been making Apps for 5 or so months before the Apple App store was even out on jail broken iPhones, Really impressive
At the end of all the speeches, there was a truck load of pizza and drinks ready to be hooverd down while the networking began, I done my best to get the name and idea out there! a handful of I.T guys from Developers to Architects ask many questions which I was able to give them an answer for satisfying their technical minds!  
Funnily enough, I had the best conversation with one man on the way out of the building! Its funny that in New Zealand its true that somebody knows somebody! My partners old boss, now works with this man, so it was a great personal connection!  We had a great yarn about the Tech talk and what each other does, then I thought I would pitch my idea and it was my best pitch of the night (Yes I’m getting better ) J. He couldn’t wait for this EyeGratify to actually come out so he could use it! Topped off a good night that’s for sure.
So, building confidence to talk to complete strangers about something you are passionate about is one of the hardest things to do yes! But if you have an Idea that believe is GREAT, the best thing you can do is show up to the events that are relative to your idea and GET it out in the open! Doing this will take you one step further in taking you to the next level and achieving your goal!
As you can see, I TOOK myself out of my own comfort zone and stepped into the unknown, yes I was all nervous but also excited, Just like most of the people in that room, but I kept thinking of the bigger picture and how I have to do my best now to reap the benefits later. So get comfortable with being UNCOMFORTABLE is you are on the road to SUCCESS because you wont get there being comfortable.
So I challenge YOU to find some sort of meet up (use that fills you with your passion and go and execute it! there is no time like the present.
“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men, who find it easier to live in the world that they have been given than to explore the power they have to change it” – Eric Thomas
How do you want to change it!

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