Hidden in the Lab!

Hey Guys

I know its been more than 2 weeks since my last post! but we have been BUSY working in the Lab!

The Lab to us is our homes with our computers, our pads with our pens and our thoughts! the amount of thought that goes into each part of our business is major!

Danny and I have been locked down and working behind the scenes putting together the tiny pieces of the puzzle, and the puzzle for the last couple of weeks was putting together a great pitch for an incubator company.

  • Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.

Now I’m a big believer in mentorship – and I truly believe that if you REALLY want to get to your goal quick and get there putting forth the BEST work you have to offer, the best way to get there is to find the mentor. FIND a mentor in whatever topic you a passionate about!

  • Look for someone who’s already done it. No matter what you’re pursuing, your chances of achieving it with increase dramatically with an experienced advisor in your corner.” – Connor LaVallie

Last week I was thinking about our company and how we needed guidance, so we can get this product developed and to the market as quick as possible. With some spare time at work I decided to take what we had and email the local incubator venture manager. As I typed the email I kept thinking of a part in the movie that Morgan Spurlock made “The greatest movie ever sold“. Morgan and some Advertising Guru were walking around a park and the Guru said to Morgan, “Its America you have to SELL, SELL, SELL”

As I pressed send, I wasn’t scared of what may happen from this email I was excited to see what COULD happen from this email as I had asked for advice and guidance – this I think is a different approach to get our foot in the door. 2 hours later I had a reply the first line read and started smiling..

Mark, I like the fact you have a team already and have zeroed in on a problem that needs solving”

With the offer of a meeting to discuss the business further, both Danny and I jumped on this OPPORTUNITY and booked it for the next day for 10AM, because we knew we couldn’t pass this up and we couldn’t wait more than a day to meet,

The Meeting

Oh mate, this meeting was everything I could have dream’t and more!

It started out with Danny and I power walking to the meeting wanting to be early and not late, that must have looked funny haha, however us arriving before time is the best way to start a meeting! I am NEVER late for any meeting, it has been instilled in me from my dad since I was young.

We meet with Nick from Creative HQ and he took us out for coffee (Meow is a secret gem in Wellington)

With coffees in front of us and nicks attention we delved into what was a quick and exciting hour+ of talking about this business, the technology behind it and the way we are going to sell it! We didn’t get turned down or pushed away, this business had caught his interest!

Danny and I couldn’t have been happier, as we were walking back to work we were coming up with the plan of attack so we can get into the game with this business… Watch this space…

Its hard to fit everything that is going on into one big blog, I will start blogging more and more to keep you guys all informed about what the UPS and DOWNS are in the quest to make this business global! and I think ill even ask you guys for some help if that’s alright?

Thanks for reading this update and REMEMBER without struggle there is no progress!!

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