Constant Evolution

Hey Guys!
These last couple of weeks have been hectic!! But like I promised I’m getting in where I fit in! And today this blog and you – my readers, my followers are fitting in!
I don’t want to leave all of you hanging if you who are looking for the motivation to start their business, to start your passion and really make your dreams a reality!
These last couple of weeks have been busy both for the business and my life, We have been;
  • Meeting with investors
  • Registering our Company – EyeGratify Limited
  • Creating our Mission – Connecting what YOU see!
  • Creating our company plan/layout
  • Building our Technology
  • Creating more Products
  • Building our website
  • And more and more
Also My partner and I have bought out first investment property! – dealing with this process, and negotiations all while doing the above, and committing my best work to my current job EVERY SINGLE DAY! Is what needs to be done for our dreams to become a reality, how do I fit this into a day! Well I get 7-8 hours sleep and work for 16 hours!
I am blessed to get to do this every single day with great people around me!
I can tell you that WE and EyeGratify are SO proud of what we are creating! So watch this space as we launch our company website and our product pages in the near future!
The work behind the scenes has been MASSIVE, Danny, Emma and I are constantly learning and improving our skills – Did you read that? WE ARE IMPROVING OUR SKILLS, not our weaknesses!
This is the KEY –  to many people always focus on the negatives, their weaknesses – now how can you take your life to the next level focusing on the negatives! YES that’s right! LOOK UP and LOOK AT YOUR SKILLS! Lets start perfect them!
Start looking at what you can do right now! Look at what you CAN do and start perfecting what is before you, you will get what you want in life.
If you want to be a;
  • Entrepreneur
  • CEO
  • Designer
  • Athlete
  • Or anything else in life
You must act as one each and everyday! If you want to be an Athlete you better behave like one, get your routine sorted, get your diet sorted, find a mentor/coach, get up first thing in the morning and be excited to go for your morning run or weight session! Put in 120% and each day you will become the athlete you dream of!
This goes for all the examples above and anything you can think of! RIGHT NOW in this current time we are blessed with the resources that we are able to call upon to help us get to where we want to be! No longer is it impossible to become a entrepreneur – in New Zealand is can cost as little as $260 to register your company! BUT you must commit yourself that is the best resource – commit yourself and with as little as a few dinners out with your friends you can be on your way to six figures!
It won’t happen over night but keep perfecting what you are doing each and everyday and you will BLOW UP – You CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.
Now I get to work every day and I work as I want to become – I am a CEO in my mind! Not just talking the talk but walking the walk, and Im helping my work and myself! I’ll NEVER stop being this was as I am
So what do you need to do? you need to look at WHO YOU ARE, and Focus on YOUR STRENGTHS you are strong, you are smart and resourceful and you can get what you want out of your life just START NOW! 

As I promised, I WILL be fitting in more often! 

Until then, Be your creator 🙂


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