They say good luck – you say don’t give up!

Hey Guys
Another week and ALOT more Growth!
As you can see in the title this blog is for the people who need a change in thought
You see it up there it says “they say good luck – you say don’t give up!”  can you see what this means, this here is 2 different encouragement statements going on .
  • One person says “good luck” as if to say good on you but there is a air of doubt
  • The other person says “don’t give up” as if to pat you on your back and encourage you forward with your effort you are putting in.
I know I have meet a lot of people that have said “good luck”  to me over the years and I have heard it been said to a lot of other people I know also.
– Have you had “good luck” said to you, how did it make you feel?
I, myself have always had a “can do attitude” once I set my mind to a task its like laser focus – but I always wasted time on people with false negative, Until I learnt that being around people who have aspirations of their own and are support of others that aspire to their goal, helps you get ahead quicker! This is where I surrounded myself with people who say “don’t give up”
it is IMPORTANT to be with people that constantlyencourage you! The people that are supportive and believe in you.
Are you around people that encourage you? If not why not?
Your friends, family, partner etc should all be supportive of you and your goals!
As Eric Thomas says – nothing is impossible, everything is Past possible – meaning that there is no way you Can’t DO IT, but you can go way beyond doing it. the odds are for you not against you!
The amount of growth that everybody that I am currently working with has been enormous, you know that feeling where everything just comes together, That’s not just a feeling at the moment its what is actually happening. We as a TEAM are together, working all for the same purpose! This is the point where all of use know what is required of ourselves, but also how it progresses the next member in the team.
Its amazing how a group of people from different backgrounds can come together and use their knowledge and skills to get to the same goal! Everyone at EyeGratify has skills, knowledge and passion that are all applicable in what we do.
Where are we now? Well we have grown in numbers! Yehp that’s right we have brought on some great people with great skills into the business! total of 6 people now – from a team of 3 to 6 I never thought this would have happened from initial concept idea!
“Good things happen to those who put effort in”
I cant wait to show you guys what we have been doing in the coming month/s!
Readers thanks:
A big thanks to all the readers from;
New Zealand
United States
United Kingdom
For stopping in at my blog, I hope I inspire you to take that first step at your dreams!!
Until next time 😉

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