Gone But Not Forgotten – An aspiring Lad comes to grips with LIFE

Hey Guys,

I know I’ve been away for a while – multitasking seemed to slip me by on my blog.. aah not good I know!

This year things have been busy, I Started a new job as a Business Architect at one of NZ’s largest Telco’s. I can be honest and say that I have devoted my time to being the best I can in the role – where change happens on a day to day basis.. literally!

But I can say that I enjoy the role so much, being able to aid the business with solutions and business transformation is a joy.

I’ll sum the last couple of months up for everyone real quickly below;

Work- Career:New Role,  dedication to the groups success.

Property Investing: Leveraging knowledge for success.

Friendship:Gaining some great mates, by investing time in them!

Helping:Helping everyone I meet so that they can take their first step, investing, business, career *Good TIMES*

Business – EyeGratify: Gaining momentum

Family:Building a great one, and enjoying the current family I have J

Travel:Phuket and Bangkok look out!

Lets get onto what this blog is about!

When I first started writing this blog it was all to help people that are in similar situation as me. I was and still am an employee for one company – and I am a Director of another, does this mean I have succeeded in the transformation from Employeeto being a Business Success – like I wanted? NO.

I was going to write about how it is hard to move from one space to another… but I won’t – I’ll keep this positive and voice how I think ill carve the path to success quickly for my Business ( I would love your feedback)

Currently The EyeGratify team is working on the recognition *it’s the hardest part of our product* this bread and butter recognition is going through different test iterations to show the limits of the tool currently and highlight the work needed to have success at scale.

The path forward once holidays have completed – will be to knuckle down the most basic functionality – and increase the smarts behind our algorithm and matching filters.. just saying that is a task in its self!

I am determined to get the ball rolling with this – more time with my Co-Founder and Lead Dev and more time feeling the market!

  • 5 May 13 – First meeting
  • Weekly Sprints 

         – Deliverables at end

  •  More Photoshop use cases 

         Perhaps a short MVP video

  What are your thoughts?

I would also like to look at another option for our software to run… That would be to explore the use of TV applications, an application that runs over the top of normal TV viewing

o   Why  – because the world is moving to leaving your phone in your pocket, Google Glass is a good example. Its good to keep innovation moving and additional markets to target.

Some Value for the Readers!

Ideas are great! Chase them and validate your ideas thoroughly and quickly before investing any money.

          Validation is scary, but its worth pivoting or dropping your idea than spending money on it to only realise later, that your in the wrong market or worse.. your product is not needed.

Marks financial Longevity TIP #1

Long term save 10-15 % of your paycheque

           – Live off 90% of your wage or salary

Trust me it may not be much But it all adds up.

What do you want to see?  – Shout out and ask

Until next time 🙂



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