Know Your Market

“Nothing GREAT ever came THAT easy”

Hey All,

Knowing your market – is it important?

During my travels, I meet some fantastic people! As a matter of fact I am sitting next to the GM of value management at my work. As a matter of fact I strive every day to meet people with extraordinary stories.

Surrounding myself with people from all walks of life gives me the biggest buzz.

    Have you surrounded yourself with experts, that operate where you want to be?

Last Thursday on my Trip up to Auckland, I was talking to my boss about how CEO’s and their sale pitches. The CEO’s I am referring to are the corporate – they have a sales pitch that is either bought or declined by stakeholders.

I was questioning my boss..”Is it true that CEO’s just cycle through the corporate world with their sales pitch (that delivers value)”. The answer YES they do, they all focus on a niche. Every CEO has their own pitch that will deliver value to their niche, for example some CEO’s specialize in scaling business… while others specialise in reducing operating costs.

These corporate are the master of their niche… rather than being a jack of all trades and being a master of nothing. The capability of the CEO is the value driver stakeholders seek.

You are your own brand.

If you are your own brand, what is your market.. do you even know what that might be?

Knowing your market, finding your niche – you hear this all the time, what does it mean? Well for myself I know my strengths, I know my weaknesses and I know my values. Without knowing these and being true to myself I wouldn’t have been able find the path, I am currently on.

Yes being in the right place at the right time was part of my path but this did not come about by accident, I was purposely placing myself in the area where I wanted to be – everything just blossomed from there.

Some people call it luck…I call it hard work, for example – was I tired last night? Yes.. did I suck it up and go out to my property mentoring group? Yes, was it valuable – YOU BETCHA

A simple decision led to great opportunities.

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.

Everyday EACH one of us, has a DECISION to make at some point – think TWICE, as this MAY-BE the decision that opens up an OPPORTUNITY

A Summary,

You are your own brand, know you;




Find your market that suitsyour skills

Exploit a nichein that market for you (and others) to benefit.

And don’t forget, Place yourselfin success – go the extra mile.



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