Maxy, You are MY Best Friend
– Mark N

Today is a blog about life and loss – and the forgotten time limit we all have on this earth. I hope you find truth in what I say, and choose action over placebo 

I sit here today, 4 days after my best friend past away in my arms, I have lived through one of Wellington’s biggest earthquakes in years, and have dealt with grief uniquely – as we all would,

Firstly I would like to touch on the Earthquakes – that still seem to be rumbling, Seddon – nobody has forgotten about you, Wellington if you a prepared – do not worry for which you cannot control, for this is stress that harms you for something you cannot change. remember to live, enjoy and help others.

The week that was on Friday was great, I had been given the opportunity by my boss to really stand up and create a capability model for Telecom – I hope all its ability will be used to deliver value to the entire company for years to come. Emma, and I were happy – we got home, saw our cute Maxy waiting at the door, smiling, waiting for my pats.

The world was perfect

Emma settled down to do her baking that she loves to do! for her blog theskinnybaker.wordpress.com I as a great leading Male, did what I do best… plopped onto the couch and watched Motorbikes :), for a brief second I got up to feed Max some left over roast chicken – Oh my lord he loved it so much! you know when you see a happy cat gleaming, this was Max.

Max, was no ordinary Tom – he was the most beautiful, adoring, caring, loyal, GINGER little Tiger I had ever meet – When I meet my Love Emma, I not only got her, I also meet a critter known as MAX – my best friend.

My world came CRASHING down.

The next few moments in my life were the hardest to comprehend, live through, and see. We heard a terrible scream in the hall way – there he was Max, laying there, I struggled to help Max through what ever he was going through, As I was comforting him, I saw him slip away.

I take COMFORT in knowing he was not alone and with people he loved.

It was tough, and it didn’t get any easier… as I am sure it wont for a long time, my companion is Gone. However in the time of need you meet people that just, make tough situations easier, I thank the Nurse at Rappaw in Tawa – http://rappaw.co.nz/our-clinics/tawa/.

Learning for everyone:

You see, Max was young, fit and healthy – just like im sure you are. Yet he was taken to early. Thinking about this more and more over the weekend – DEATH is our timer, this is certain that it will happen to us however unlike a clock, we don’t know how much time is left, how little or much. the one thing we do know is that we are ALIVE, you here, reading my blog – this is your time.

“Remembering you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There’s no reason not to follow your heart.”
 – Steve Jobs

Do you wake up in the morning and believe in what you are doing? Do you come home and know that you have done something, anything for the good?

Its funny that there have been studies done that show up to 90% of the population does work they dont enjoy.

Its kind of sobering writing this Blog, not only has it helped me establish my feelings for Max – and the need for a habitual thought of knowing death is around the corner. It makes me want to live a life, I have been wanting to live for so long – TODAY.

I know you all have your own talents out there, your own dreams, wishes etc – here is my advice.

– Do it before you die.
– Make a CHOICE to start today.
– Tomorrow may NEVER come.

I dedicate this post to Maxwell Castle, whos personality should be what everyone desires and should strive to have.


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