Rejection Therapy – Conquering the FEAR of failure

“Remember FAILURE is not the opposite of SUCCESS, It is PART of SUCCESS”
– Henry Ford

Man oh MAN whata busy day I have had – 4am I woke up, its now… 9pm, and I’m sitting here writing a blog! 


Well, its because of a promise that I havent told you all until now! I have promised myself, that I am going to write a blog for EACH workday about a usefull topic that, 
A) Will help me write down my learnings 
B) Will spread the word of how I choose to progress through my life 
C) Help you, if you are in a rut, and wanting to get up and out
D) Teach you that moving forward in life is reliant firstly on YOU.
I hope my simple blogs give you the MOTIVATION , but also the CAPABILITY to move forward with your life.

Without Further Ado

This time with some further take home lessons! this time im going to touch on failure
Now dont get me wrong, Failure is humourus.. well… only if when you look back after the fact – you are usually meet with a *face palm* to the face, when you remember. We all do it im sure of it. Think of your failures being as commedic as the videos on Youtube, you know the people running into each other with swiss balls… or the people belly flooping into the water, ALL good laughs – even if your that person who failed.

Now why dont we treat all our failures in life like the funny videos on Youtube?

Recently I read a blog from one of my Fav blogs – about Rejection Therapy. What is Rejection Therapy? well its just that, it is a framework designedto help you build up your courage around being rejected.

The five objectives of Rejection Therapy are:
1. To be more aware of how irrational social fears control and restrict our lives
2. Smash the tyranny of fear and reap the treasures (treasures include wealth, relationships and self-confidence)
3. Learn from, and even enjoy rejection
4. To not be attached to outcomes, especially when it involves the free agency of other people
5. Permit yourself to fail

I find it funny that, the fear comes from us – we assume somebody will react in a specific way.. and there it begins, we talk ourselves out of asking or inquiring without actually implying we are interested in the first place.The attitude of not being afraid to fail, is what we need to build up in people.

I have been placed in many situations where I had a choice… to be consumed by this fear that only I have or to lavish in the knowing that I have asked. I know for a FACT that when these choices have arisen – I have asked, why… well why not.

Many opportunities have opened for me because of the initial effort I have displayed, I asked. Its quite funny, that even in the bible there are teachings about asking.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” 
– Matthew 7.7

Being able to over come YOUR fear of rejection will open the doors for you. 

I know you all have different drivers from each other, but we all come to a point in our day where we need to ask for something, dont be afraid to ask – if you dont… well that opportunity might walk straight out that door.
Failure a common word with vast meanings – to me, the more I fail, the more SUCCESSFUL I become


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