External Effort – The Path, created by yourself, Not somebody else

“It’s one thing to talk about your destiny but it is another thing to make the decisions necessary to actualize that destiny”
– Eric Thomas

Hey Guys,

Back again with one of my many drafted up Blogs – Yes ive kept my promise in writing a blog a day BUT for your benefit I have been organising these blogs to deliver a functional motivation boost – to enable you to change your life from excess 2 success.

This FABULOUS blog, is all about EXTERNAL EFFORT, What do I mean by that? Well its simple, If you are at school all day, At home with the kids or at work cranking someone else’s orders – the only way to pivot yourself into your “success” is to invest effort in yourself, and in others.

Invest in yourself

What I have realised personally is, that all my learning’s that I have had outside of my day job, have greatly changes my role within my day job. 

This is KEY
If you have ever had the opportunity to meet me, You would know I love learning – particularly when what I retain turns into an ASSET. whether this is specific to what I do best, To do with my role or just some random information.
The other day I made an effort to understand how Tree’s suck water up to their top branches – check this out;

Why do I need this? who know, Did I LOVE learning about it – yes, Will I meet someone who finds this fascinating – Probably, Could I intrigue someone enough to want to learn more? I think so 🙂

 Bringing this back, If you are currently in a job, at home or at school and are relying on someone else to get you to where you want to be – reality check, DONT.

Everybody has their own agenda’s like myself we all have our desired success outcomes. 

Let me tell you, Never rely on others to fulfil your movement in life, Any handouts or pull through’s that happen to you are manifested through your self drive in your chosen direction.

Here is a quote that I LOVE, I see the truth in this and when I first heard this it cemented my current methodology in life.

“If you just reading the book she told you to read, you getting beat! You read what she told you to read and then you ask her what she reading, cause if you don’t get what she’s reading, she’s gonna always be the teacher, and you’re always gonna be the student!
Eric Thomas
Read it again.
Do whatever you do as best as you can, then do more by learning the up and coming game changers – become an expert – Run with it, and people will call upon and follow.

I did this specifically years ago with Agile… but i didn’t stop at the delivery phase, I brought my learning’s back to the actual decision and drivers for the project in the first place

  • Agile Development/Engineering
  • Customer development
  • Business models Canvas
  • Lean Startup Methodology
  • etc

Why build something in quick iterations if what your building doesn’t serve the customer expectation in the first place right, you would think this would happen but it doesn’t.
The right skill set is needed and I have this. 

I have built up my skill set, and tested the knowledge I have accumulated, learnt some lessons and had man successes. Were all the hours spent learning, testing and learning from those tests worth it… YES. Do I hope that you see value in spending time doing something to help yourself...YES.

Like with anything, Think Wide and Broad, not everything is cookie cutter fit. But I assure you – invest effort in something that takes your forward… and DONT wait on someone else.

Now go back and read that quote again

Invest in new experiences

Don’t know where you want to go? Ill be posting my blog about your “WHY” soon to try and help you with that question. 

For now though – go and do something completely different from what you normally do. If you are blessed to live in Wellington (NZ) go down to the harbour at lunch time for a kayak. Here’s another idea, go to a cooking class, make friends enjoy yourself and eat what you have made with your hands and drink a nice wine, sign up again for the following week. 


Invest in others
Its not all about you – don’t be so selfish…I know I’m confusing you now, you were on the train with me until i said that and just about all of you jumped off.

No I’m not crazy

Investing time, in others – your partner, friends, family, new acquaintances or people you just don’t know for no personal gain is amazing and has many benefits;
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Build stronger friendships
  • Bring family closer
  • Make new friends
  • Reach new faces
The above are some amazing things to strive for just in general life – life is not all about $$ or fancy job titles, its also the legacy you build/leave with your name. 
  • If your partner likes to dance, LEARN some dance steps
  • If your friend needs help when your at the movies – go and help them
  • If your family is segregated – host a large family dinner where they bring nothing.
  • Feeling lonely? chin up mate, open your mind and put others first – FRIENDS WILL APPEAR
  • That person you smiled at 3 weeks ago, sees you in a cafe – start a conversation, ask to sit down.. spend some time chatting.
Is the above purposely done to build your brand or try and influence opportunities? – NO its done out of kindness, if anything at all happens out of this I hope you see what you have done, and how the recipient pays it forward. 

You might actually find that you like doing these things.
Of course the above…is just my opinion on things and you don’t all need to be on the bus, take it or leave it 🙂 but of course I KNOW you soak it up like the sponges you are and start the new YOU.

M 🙂

Today’s motivator link sponsorship goes to;

I don’t know about you, but coming from my town of Naenae – Lower Hutt, This guy Eric just hits home with what he speaks about.

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