Build Your Own Things – Build a Life.

“How many of you have a lollypop moment where a person said something or did something that made your life fundamentally better”

Hey Guys,
This Blog, is a teaser for what I am working on, A little story about someone amazing and future posts I’ll be making that I hope will help others.
Following on from today’s Daily Maxim – regarding opportunities often look like hard work What Chris A.K.A Ashton says in his speech is so true
Everything around us, that we call life – was made up by people who are no smarter than you, You can build your own things
Recently I have been putting in work, and now some major projects are underway that I am really excited about. Not only am I excited about the problem I am solving, or the people that will benefit from its use.
It’s the challenges I face, and the learning’s I will get that just EXCITES ME.
Hedy – Just an amazing person!
Just recently I have been chatting to this fantastic lady Hedy who is a colleague of mine. Since becoming a Business Architect we have crossed paths with friendly chit chat and banter. I’m not the kind of person who just walks by while smiling – I actually love to learn about people and their stories! So last week I grabbed my opportunity with a prolonged yarn!
WOW, I am always amazed at some peoples stories, what they do in their spare time, their passions etc and Hedy was overflowing with passion! Just a few things I picked up from her;
1.  Improvisational Theatre (otherwise known as IMPROV)
2.    Travel
a.    Upcoming adventures
b.    Past adventures
3.    Social enterprise
a.    Chalkle 
b.    Enspiral
As we were yarning about the above some amazing things happened – opportunities opend up!
When talking about her “Upcoming Adventures” of going to Washington DC , I asked why. Her Son wants to go there to see the Jefferson Institute… I asked, how old is your Son, 16 she answered.. What an amazing thing for such a young person to want to see! Hedy said he watches a lot of discovery & History channel. I asked does she know what he wants to do when he older… she couldn’t imagine, what a bright spark this child is – just that short blurt about her son made me think I use to be like that.
I said to Hedy – I am working on a start-up right now, that will help anyone who wants to do their dream job, but doesn’t know how to get there or what skills are required!…
I thought – Nice pitch, perfect
Downside, She asked if she can use it now?…me No. NEXT 😛
We careered down a path of social enterprise, I am PASSIONATE about PEOPLE, and AIDING their DREAMS, Social enterprise is a good vehicle for this!
Hedy, asked if I would do some courses on Chalkle, “have you ever heard about Chalkle? No, do they not have any courses on personal finance? I would love to tell me story and lessons learned. I know I am not a registered financial advisor (and would have to clearly state that) but there are basic lessons around personal money management that can tear debt down and build a nest egg for you to choose to do whatever you want with.
I now have the details to get involved with chalkle and hopefully help many people out there, no matter what comes into your account, daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
          Teach budgeting from a non biased view
o   My story
o   Tips and tricks I know
o   Habit changes
o   etc
Sometimes opportunities float around testing people, seeing who will lay idle or who is ready for the next step . That day, one came my way – that I grabbed it.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about an amazing person, get this she even knows people who have left quite high roles.. and turned into erotic novelists !! how awesome is that.
UPDATE: What am I building?
Currently I am going to rebuild this blog into an entire website, with the below area’s
o   What I and Others are working on.
          This blog
o   Continue to provide usable advice that is proven to move you forward.
          My Travels, Your Stories
o   Could be YOU
o   Ideas – Seed

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