Yoga Challenge

As, of right now I just finished 60+ mins of Yoga


As, I have ignored stretching etc – since Emma and I stopped going to Gymnastics, My stretching went out the window too. 


Why is it not good? well I continued to lift heavy, smashing out heavy squats, deadlifts, overhead presses – you name it, it was heavy… all until a few months ago my back went on a 20+ rep set of 140Kg deadlifts… whoops.


Yes, it got worse, why… well because I was stuck in this mindset that if I my routine… I would loose it all.


I should have invested my time right and focused on fixing myself, WELL… here I am posting about it :P.


This week I ripped out an old Power Yoga DVD, and true to form… it felt like dry needling all over my body, I was so.. stiff and inflexible. Hence my commitment, to do it everyday no matter how long it was.

A few days later and only racking up a max of and hour and half of yoga (30 mins a day).. I woke to tackle my challenge, the whole DVD.

I NOW aim, to run through this end to end, 3 more times before tackling my P90X Yoga DVD..


Wish me Luck 🙂


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