The Financial Body – Secret to Shredded Accounts


“Worry, like a rocking chair will give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere.” – Vance Havner

Welcome to the The Financial Body! A place where we get your accounts shredded for ANY Season. We are all guilty of bad money management, slowly letting the reins slip through the hands while focusing on the scenery around us.

“That awkward moment, when you’re walking through the metal detector and your abs of steel set it off.


Being in tip top physical condition, with ripped abs – we think that we have made it! However do abs control your financial situation? does that incredible physique allow waves of money to flow in and be caught in your financial net? For some this is true, the amazing work they have put into their body, their dedication, their knowledge is what opens up this tides of financial blessings to flow into their nets.

For most people though, The incredible body brings CONFIDENCE to take on the world, I know that because I have been there and I remain Confident though I have lived through many seasons since coming 3rd NZ in the NZIFBB 70-80kg competition that the picture above is taken from.

The CONFIDENCE has not come from doing more crunches, oblique twists or planks. No the CONFIDENCE has come from some lessons I have been taught about my Finances. Head held high with the knowledge that what COMES INTO my account, has not just aimlessly PASSED THROUGH, but I have NETTED some fruits for my labour.

Just like abs are MADE IN THE KITCHEN. A great BUDGET is a built PLAN specifically tailored to your situation. See when I first started budgeting, I had massive outgoings;

  1. Rent Payments
  2. Money for Ashton
  3. Credit Card Repayments
  4. Loan Repayments
  5. Weekly Food Expenses
  • 5kg of Chicken per week
  • $30-50 of supplements Per week
  • 1.5 Kg premium sirloin Per week

And many many more, other ad-hoc things that I forked out money for. On some weeks I was in debt from the moment I got paid!. I can tell you right now, THE HARDEST thing I had to do those years ago, was not get up on stage or diet for 6+ months NOPE. It was to be real with my situation.

The First Step: Realisation.

Don’t Let Money Flow In & Out Without Casting Your Net

Right Now! Open up your bank account, and scroll through your transactions – See where the money flows. Don’t worry, Don’t be Ashamed, Be Real. Those Coffees your brought – Its OK, I buy coffees. Appreciate your transactions. Enjoy Remembering what the purchase has meant for you.

The AIM is to get familiar with the flow of your spending – How much comes IN, How much goes OUT

The only way to get confident is to document the incomings and the outgoings through a simple free calculator like this, Or a simple excel spreadsheet like the below;

Hypothetical Budget Based of General Spends
Income After Tax Expenses
 $               1,500.00 Rent  $        300.00 Paid
Loan  $        200.00 Paid
Gym  $          50.00 Paid
Supplements  $          80.00 Paid
Week 1 food and fuel  $        170.00 Paid
Week 2 food and fuel  $        170.00 Paid
Credit Card  $        250.00 Paid
Various other Credit Cards  $        100.00 Paid
Coffee’s  $          40.00 Paid
 $    1,360.00
Cash on HAND  $  140.00

If you’re spending less than you earn, use your budget to work out how much you can put aside each pay to improve your financial position. We call this ‘paying yourself first’.

If you’re spending more than you earn, use your budget to see where your money is going. Then see if there are any ways you can cut your spending or increase your income.

Your budget needs to be accurate or it won’t work. Give yourself time to get all the information you’ll need, including:

  • A record of your day-to-day spending. Keep receipts from your shopping, and gather up bank statements and bills from the last three months. These will show regular expenses like rent, mortgage, hire purchase, credit cards, phone, power and insurance.
  • A list of annual costs. Think about things you pay for less regularly like vehicle licensing, medical expenses, gifts and holidays.
  • Your income details. A list of any money you get such as your pay, benefits or allowances, NZ Super or interest earned on savings.
  • Savings. Details of any regular savings you make.

To recap, this Blog is the first step to building your financial confidence – soon your finances will be like abs of STEEL, SOLID.



This first Financial Body Blog is dedicated to my financial saviour Emma

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