Creating Opportunities For Personal Success That I Live By


“Confidence comes not from always being right but not fearing to be wrong”

– Peter T. Mcintyre.

Its March already, and ever since I got back from Thailand with Emma, things have taken off! I proposed to my long-time girlfriend Emma, and we are now planning a wedding! its exciting times that’s for sure


This year 2014, I am going to build on my 2013 theme, which was being a merchant of happiness! This year I am going to add Spaciousness!

2014 Two Themes For Creating Opportunities For Personal Success I Live By

To Be A Merchant Of Happiness:

This means to me, to be happy, cultivate and share my happiness with everyone I meet. Spread it all over my life, every interaction.

How does this work in practice?

Hmm, For example -Each day, as I come to work I am greeted by fellow early morning starters at work with “ Marc how are you today” I reply “Fantastic” with joy and enthusiasm for the day, Then I ask how they were, what did they do last night and I really listen! I have been greeting these same people for years with the exact same response, but why?

This response is contagious, my positive energy spreads from myself to them, and from them to others and so on and so on. This is the heart of being a merchant of happiness, dealing in your own happiness to all of those around.

What if today was your day to shine for others?

What does this mean? Being a dealer in happiness – being the truthful honest happy go lucky person who spreads happiness no matter the weather. To be the person that walks into a room full of people and everyone says “yes, YOU are here”!. Never, ever putting yourself in the unwanted position of being a energy consumer. Always be an energy producer – give more than take and light up where it is dark.

I thanks Chamath Palihapitiya for grabbing my attention with this provocative statement! It has truly changed my life.

The Second Theme I am using for Creating Opportunities is;



To walk Into Spaciousness:

This means to me, that I am I purposely put myself into situations that feel like I am in the middle of the ocean, That feeling when you are open in all directions to what may come, I want to feel uneasy, not comfortable, forced to adapt and vulnerable.

Whenever I try to do something that I want to learn about or an endeavour I am trying to be successful at, I am in this space. I know my skills well, and I use them regularly for others and myself however it is the skills that I have not yet attained that I strive to get. We are born into this planet not to be constrained, not we are here for more, settling for complacency is one of the most negative things your mind can trick you into doing.

This year I am longing for that feeling, of stepping on the edge of a cliff, Deep breathing, white knuckles heart in the mouth. The challenges that come my way that I will be able to fearlessly walk into knowing that I have committed myself to grow and this is how I know I am about to grow. This doesn’t have to be anything big, it can be something simple and small – like a handstand against a wall.

2 weeks ago @ 5:45am at the gym, I was fearful to try and do a handstand, I actually only did one attempt and I fell on my head

Now I can do handstand pushups..confidently

Funny how things change so quickly, 2 years ago – I would do handstands all over the place and do them well, but here I was fearful not of the task of the handstand but the not knowing what will happen.

I only acheived success once I let go of that fear!

We have to identify our spacious place of growth and move into it fearlessly. Do not be occupied by greed, fear of hope, lack of honour or passiveness – but be boastful in character knowing that you have endless voids of capacity to grow

I am so excited this year to kick things off with a bang, and that bang will last for the rest of my life – I feel as though a my fire in my heart has had more wood loaded onto it, engulfing it with flames of expediential passion.




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